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Building Lifting In Kozhikode

Kozhikode, a city in the Indian state of Kerala, has seen increasing urbanisation over the past few decades. Consequently, many buildings have been constructed to meet the demands of increased population density. Building lifting is a method used to raise an existing building structure above ground level. This technique has numerous advantages such as increased safety from flooding and other natural disasters like earthquakes or cyclones.

It also has economic benefits in terms of reduced financial costs associated with demolishing and rebuilding a structure. In this article, we explore the benefits of building lifting in Kozhikode and how it can help improve quality of life for its citizens.

Building lifting consists of raising the entire building several feet above ground level by installing jacks underneath its foundation which then lift it up incrementally until it reaches its desired height. This process requires careful planning and engineering to ensure that adjacent structures are not disturbed during the process and that appropriate measures are taken to protect them from potential damages due to vibrations caused by heavy machinery used for lifting purposes.

The installation process must also be done safely while making sure all necessary permits are obtained before starting work onsite.

The Benefits of Building Lifting in Kozhikode

The implementation of building lifting in Kozhikode can provide numerous benefits to the local population.

One major benefit is that it can help reduce the risk of flooding. Building lifting involves raising the level of a building and anchoring it securely, making it less vulnerable to rising water levels. This could be especially useful in areas where there is a large amount of rainfall or where natural disasters such as cyclones are common. It could also be used to protect against soil erosion which is caused by rivers swelling during heavy rainstorms.

Another benefit of building lifting is that it can improve energy efficiency in buildings by reducing their exposure to direct sunlight, thus lowering cooling costs. Furthermore, this technique can also help increase the space available for storage and living space due to higher ceilings and raised floors, which are possible when a house is lifted up from its foundation. Additionally, due to improved air circulation between walls and floors, this type of construction could potentially reduce indoor air pollution as well as improve occupant comfort levels.

Finally, building lifting in Kozhikode may result in increased property values due to enhanced aesthetics and structural stability provided by this method of construction compared with traditional techniques. In addition, this could make properties more desirable for homeowners looking for an attractive home that stands out from others in terms of both security and appearance.


Building lifting in Kozhikode presents a number of advantages for the city and its inhabitants.

It is an effective way to prevent flooding and protect buildings from damage due to water.

By providing protection against water, building lifting can also reduce costs related to repair and maintenance of structures.

Additionally, it can increase the life span of buildings and lower overall construction costs.

Building lifting also offers improved safety for people living in low-lying areas by providing them with greater access to higher ground during flooding events.

As a result, building lifting provides numerous benefits that can be beneficial for both individuals and society as a whole.