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Building Lifting In Malappuram

uilding lifting is an innovative process that is gaining popularity in Malappuram, India. This process involves the use of hydraulic jacks to lift an existing structure and place it on a new foundation.

The purpose of building lifting is to prevent damage from floods or other natural disasters as well as to improve the structural integrity of the building.

This article will discuss the process of building lifting in Malappuram, including its advantages and disadvantages.

It will also provide practical advice for those considering undertaking this type of project.

The Process of Building Lifting in Malappuram

The process of building lifting in Malappuram involves a complex combination of technical expertise and intricate engineering to ensure successful completion.

There are several steps that must be taken in order for the structure to be raised safely and effectively.

First, an assessment is made by a professional engineer. This includes evaluating the existing foundation, calculating how much material needs to be used for the new foundation, and making sure that all relevant building codes are followed.

Once this has been done, a plan is constructed detailing the various stages needed to complete the lift. This includes excavating around the area where the building will go, installing vertical steel piles or posts into the ground for support, and then slowly raising it up with hydraulic jacks until it reaches its required height.

The next step is connecting any additional beams or bracing needed to hold up the structure once it has been lifted off its original foundation.

Finally, any necessary modifications such as waterproofing or insulation must be completed before it can be considered finished.

Throughout this entire process, experienced professionals need to be on-site at all times in order to make sure everything is done correctly and according to safety standards.

Building lifting in Malappuram also requires careful monitoring of soil conditions during excavation and installation processes as they could affect stability over time if not adequately addressed beforehand.

Once all these steps have been taken and construction is complete, regular maintenance should still continue in order to keep track of any potential issues that may arise with age or natural wear-and-tear that could compromise structural integrity over time.

Taking these precautions helps guarantee safety while preventing unnecessary costly repairs down the line due to neglecting proper maintenance procedures.


The process of building lifting in Malappuram has been a great success. It has provided an effective solution to the problem of flooding in the area, and is helping to protect lives and property from ruin.

Through the use of specialised equipment and techniques, numerous buildings have been successfully lifted, with minimal disruption to daily life.

Furthermore, it has helped create jobs for local people in the related fields.

The overall impact of this operation is highly beneficial for both society at large as well as those directly affected by it.

This project is a testament to the power of collective effort and innovation when tackling complex problems such as these.

It stands out as an example for other areas facing similar issues, providing hope that they too can achieve similarly successful outcomes with their own projects.