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Building Lifting In Palakkad

Palakkad, a major district in the South Indian state of Kerala, is home to a relatively new phenomenon – building lifting. This technique involves the relocation of an entire building or structure from its existing location to another site. Building lifting has become increasingly popular in recent years due to numerous factors such as population growth, urban renewal and modernisation of infrastructure.

This article will examine the history and current status of building lifting in Palakkad, including how it has been used for various purposes throughout its history. It will explore the advantages and disadvantages associated with this method of building relocation, as well as discussing future prospects for its use.

Additionally, it will identify some key challenges that may arise when undertaking such projects. Finally, this article will discuss potential solutions to these issues and recommend best practices for those looking to undertake similar projects in Palakkad or elsewhere.

History of Building Lifting in Palakkad

The history of building lifting in Palakkad dates back to the late 19th century, when various engineering works were implemented in order to improve infrastructure and facilitate transportation.

During this period, several buildings had been lifted to higher levels as part of a wider effort to modernize the city’s urban landscape.

The process involved raising entire structures by using complex machinery and large amounts of manpower, which was then followed by repositioning them on a new foundation.

This method proved successful in enhancing the quality of living for citizens.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for building lifting services due to rapid urbanization and population growth.

In order to accommodate more people in existing spaces, old buildings must be lifted up and relocated elsewhere or modified with additional stories on top of their existing foundations.

As such, specialized companies have emerged that offer professional building lifting solutions tailored for every project requirement.

Today, the practice continues to be used extensively throughout Palakkad for both civil engineering projects and private development initiatives alike.

Building lifting is seen as an effective way to increase available space while maintaining structural integrity and safety standards at all times.

It provides an ideal solution for those who need fast results without compromising on quality or budget constraints.


Palakkad has a long history with building lifting, dating back to the late 1960’s. The idea of lifting buildings was relatively novel at the time, and it took some time for the practice to become commonplace.

However, as more people began to recognize the benefits of raising their homes and businesses above flood levels, the practice grew in popularity. Today, building lifting has become an accepted and important part of infrastructure development in Palakkad.

It is estimated that over two million structures have been lifted since its inception, providing protection against flooding for thousands of individuals and families. Building lifting has thus proven itself to be an effective way of mitigating one of India’s most pressing environmental issues – flooding.