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Building Lifting In Thrissur

Thrissur is a city located in the Indian state of Kerala. It is a highly populated city and due to this, there are often issues related to overcrowding.

One way to counter this issue is by building lifting, which involves raising an existing structure and adding additional floors above it. This process helps increase the number of dwellings available, without having to build more structures on the same land area.

Building lifting also has other benefits such as allowing for easier access between floors, increasing structural stability, reducing construction costs, and improving energy efficiency.

This article will discuss the various advantages of building lifting in Thrissur and its potential role in addressing overcrowding issues in the city.

Benefits of Building Lifting in Thrissur

Building lifting in Thrissur offers numerous advantages to its inhabitants, such as increased accessibility and enhanced safety. Lifting buildings have the potential to make architectural designs more efficient by allowing additional floors and making it easier for people to access different levels of a building.

Building lifting also helps improve the aesthetic value of a property since it can give an old building a new look with minimal effort or cost. In addition, this process can help reduce risks associated with flooding and other natural disasters by creating higher ground for residents. Furthermore, it increases convenience for those who need wheelchair access or have difficulty climbing stairs.

The process of lifting buildings is also beneficial from an environmental standpoint as it reduces the need for demolishing older structures that may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint which could be dangerous if released into the environment during demolition. Additionally, raising existing buildings uses fewer resources than constructing new ones, resulting in lower carbon emissions and less waste produced.

Lastly, building lifting provides economic benefits to both individuals and businesses since higher ground levels can increase property values while simultaneously reducing construction costs compared to traditional methods of expanding space in existing structures. This method also allows owners to retrofit their properties with modern amenities without having to construct an entirely new structure from scratch.


Building lifting benefits the people of Thrissur in multiple ways. Firstly, it prevents flooding and structural damage caused by heavy rains or floods.

It also reduces the risk of flood-related diseases and improves sanitation in low-lying areas.

Additionally, building lifting can help to reduce traffic congestion as it allows more space for roads and public facilities.

Furthermore, it can provide a boost to the economy of Thrissur by creating jobs and improving accessibility to services such as healthcare, education, and transportation.

Finally, this process helps preserve traditional architecture while meeting modern safety standards.

All these factors make building lifting an invaluable asset for Thrissur’s citizens that should be embraced with open arms.

In conclusion, building lifting offers numerous advantages for the city of Thrissur both now and in the future. Its potential is vast — from improving infrastructure to creating employment opportunities — making it essential for local authorities to prioritize its implementation across the region.

With proper planning and adequate resources devoted to this endeavor, Thrissur can certainly look forward to a brighter future ahead!