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House Lifting Service In Idukki

house lifting service in idukki
The idukki region of Kerala is like a fortress, with house lifting services providing an extra layer of protection against extreme weather events. This service enables homeowners to raise their homes up several feet from the ground, thus mitigating the potential damage they could sustain from flooding and other natural disasters. House lifting services can also be used to install new foundations for buildings in this area that are prone to landslides or soil erosion. These services typically include excavation work, reinforcing existing structures to ensure their stability, installing new foundation supports and beams, as well as applying waterproofing treatments.
House lifting services in idukki also provide additional support by raising buildings off the ground during periods of heavy rainfall or flash floods. This helps protect them from sustained water damage and therefore reduce repair costs or even total destruction of the structure in question. Furthermore, these services help streamline construction projects by reducing unexpected delays due to extreme weather conditions such as floods or landslides that would otherwise interfere with progress.
In addition to protecting homes from storms and floods, house lifting services in idukki can also help increase the value of properties by creating more space under them for additional storage areas or living quarters. For example, if a homeowner wants an extra bedroom below their home’s main level but cannot do so due to limited square footage available on their property then house lifting may be able to solve this problem by allowing them access to previously unavailable space beneath their home’s existing floor plan.
The cost of these types of services varies depending on what is required but typically starts at around Rs 25000-30000 per square foot for basic work and can go up significantly if there is substantial structural reinforcement needed or if multiple floors need to be lifted at once. Regardless of whether you are looking for a preventative measure against severe weather events or want more usable room below your home’s current level, hiring professionals who specialize in house lifting is always recommended given the complexity involved with these jobs and potential risks associated with attempting it yourself without proper training and experience.

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